LG V20 WiFi Disconnecting

Is Your LG V20 WiFi Disconnecting?

Having WiFi connectivity in a smartphone is a basic feature that one perceives will work perfectly well. But that is not the case with every smartphone including the LG V20. This particular phone is believed to have some WiFi connectivity issues as users are unable to connect to their WLANs with this smartphone. And if they do connect than the phone continues to disconnect with it. so is your LG V20 WiFi disconnecting as well? if that is the case then we have the solution to your problem.

LG V20 WIFI Disconnection

The problem with disconnection of WiFi can be solved on the phone and for that, you need to do the following steps

  • Turn off your phone hold your power button, home button, and volume up button at the same time
  • Once you hold, the phone will vibrate after some seconds which means that the recovery mode of the phone has been turned on
  • In the recovery mode find out the “wipe cache partition” and select it to clear the partition
  • Once the process of clearing the partition is done, you can turn on your phone and start connecting with WiFi without any issues.

LG V20 Wi-Fi Disconnecting

LG V20 Switches from WiFi to Data Automatically

Another problem that is witnessed by users in the phone is that it automatically switches from WiFi to data even when there are WLAN options available. for such problems follow the following steps

  • Enable mobile data first and then go to Wireless setting of the phone and see the Smart Network Switch option
  • Uncheck this option and connect your smartphone to your WiFi network now
  • After this, your smartphone will not switch automatically from WiFi to data anymore


Updated: December 28, 2018 — 4:07 pm