Learn to Disable Logitech Download Assistant Startup

Logitech Download Assistant is a software created by Logitech that’s used for discovering the newest updates on Windows startup. This can help you download and install new updates for your mice and keyboards mechanically. But this showing up in each startup is bothersome for many users. Uninstalling and disabling this won’t change anything to your Logitech devices since it is only a utility for those updates.

The Causes of the Logitech Download Assistant Pop upward in Startup?

We researched this specific issue by considering different consumer reports and also the repair approaches which were commonly utilized to solve the issue by users finding themselves in a comparable circumstance. There Are Lots of reasons because of that this window may look for the consumer from time to time:

  • Notifications for new updates — since it turns out; this issue might occur if there are some new updates available on your Logitech device. Many users finding themselves in a similar case have reported that they were able to solve the issue by disabling the startup choice for Logitech Download Assistant or deleting it from the system directory.
  • Suggestion for installing associated Software — Occasionally the LDA window will pop up for indicating the optional or related Logitech software for your system.
    To stay as effective as possible, we suggest that you adhere to the approaches in the sequence which they’re presented. One of these will help to solve the issue in your specific scenario.

Logitech Download Assistant

Method 1: Disabling Logitech Download Assistant at Startup

Here is the easiest method to protect against the logitech download assistant uninstall windows 10 from launching at each system startup. At times the program will find the startup choice by default without telling you. The startup tab in the Task Manager will show you each of the software listed for the startup of your computer. You can disable the LDA program for a startup in the Task Manager by following the steps below.
1. Hold the Windows Key and Press R to start Run, now kind”taskmgr” from the text box and then click OK to start Task Manager
2. Pick the Startup tab and then locate the”Logitech Download Assistant,” right-click onto it and choose Disable
3. Reboot and check whether the LDA still pop up at startup or not.

Method 2: Disabling the Logitech Download Assistant in Preferences

Some changed users have been able to solve the issue by turning off the alarms for your Logitech Download Assistant from Windows settings. You may assess your”Notifications & activities” in preferences for LDA when the assistant can be found there turning off the alarms will stop displaying this window to the consumer.
Hold Windows Key and Press I to start the Preferences, then click “System.”
Open Notifications & action and then scroll down to test Logitech from the list
1. If it’s listed, then you can toggle Away from the notifications
2. You can now check whether the Logitech Download Assistant still looks or not.
When this alternative isn’t available on your preferences, then another method is a permanent cure for the emerging of the assistant window.

Updated: July 29, 2019 — 9:53 am