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Auto spare parts wholesale and retail sales from Moscow stock .Deliveries to all countries all over the world.

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  107023 Russia,Moscow B.Semenovskaya st.43
Telephone numbers:
+7 (495) 737-63-93
FAX 366-98-83
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Internet shop

There are more than 100 000 items in our stock in Moscow. You could use our Internet shop to order needful auto spare parts to pay 100% adavnce.

You could find auto spare parts  for cars in the catalogues on our website. If there are problems to use Internet shop or catalogues, please use contacts emails to get in touch with our managers.

Our company deals with wholesale and retail purchases.

To start  your order it is enough to register  yourself

There is  a convinient way to search needful auto spare parts by article number or VIN-search

After you have made your choose of auto spare parts you could order delivery to your country

Delivery starts only after your payment.

To order needful spare parts via Internet shop

There is a wide range  of auto spare parts and accessories almost for all cars.There are  series  and auto spare parts for the  car model.

There is full information for auto spare part description for every item to choose the needful.

If there is no needful auto spare part in the catalogue you could apply our manager.

It is very easy to find needful auto spare part if you know article code and use search by article number.

In any case our managers could identify the needful auto spare parts for your car.

Find the needful auto spare parts immediatlly via VIN-search

All details about order payment and delivery you could find in  order conditions, order payment and order delivery